Sixteen-Eight Memorial Trust

The Sixteen-Eight Memorial Trust, which was founded by Lonmin in September 2012, funds the educational needs (to tertiary level) of the dependants of those who died at Marikana in August 2012. On the acquisition of Lonmin in mid-2019, Sibanye-Stillwater committed to continue with the funding of the Trust.

The Trust provides financial assistance covering school and tertiary tuition and registration fees as well as expenses relating to uniforms, stationery, textbooks, extramural activities such as educational and sports excursions, transport and accommodation and meal allowances.

Since inception, R64.5 million has been spent by the Trust which currently supports 139 beneficiaries, ranging in age from nine to 41 years old. There were initially 141 beneficiaries but two sadly passed away.

On average, the Trust has spent close on R460,000 per beneficiary since its inception. Six beneficiaries began their tertiary studies in 2022.

The current educational status of beneficiaries:

14 graduated at tertiary level

25 currently studying at tertiary institutions

46 at secondary school

28 at primary school

15 schooling completed

11 not at school*

* 1 special needs case, 10 dropped out

Our post-graduates

There have to date been three post-graduate beneficiaries of the Trust:

  • Mandla Yawa (31), from the Eastern Cape, who recently graduated with a PhD in Agriculture/Animal Science at Fort Hare University. Having completed his internship with the company, he has joined Sibanye-Stillwater as a Social Responsibility Supervisor.
  • Sebolai Liau (23), from Lesotho, who, having obtained her Diploma in Accounting is currently studying for her Advanced Diploma in Financial Management at the University of Johannesburg
  • Relebohile Mohai (24), from Lesotho, who is studying for a post graduate qualification in Spiritual Care and Counselling at the University of Lesotho

Experiential training

Eight graduate beneficiaries joined Sibanye-Stillwater as interns in our experiential training programme in 2022. The resulting workplace exposure and experience will assist them in gaining employment once they have graduated, either at Sibanye-Stillwater on its mines or in other industries.

Quality of education and support

In addition to supporting the Sixteen-Eight Memorial Trust and having committed to improving the quality of the education received by the beneficiaries, Sibanye-Stillwater has been monitoring this. As a result, several beneficiaries were transferred to schools better able to provide for their developmental and educational needs.

Plans have also been made in collaboration with educational psychologists to address the needs of those beneficiaries who have dropped out of school –some of whom have opted to attend artisanal and other appropriate training programmes.